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Lets Protect Our Skin


Lets protect You... All year Round

Its Sun Awarness Week 14th - 21st May 2018

I am always keeping my eye out for how we can protect our gorgeous skin and always wanting you to use, that all important SPF. This valuable protection comes in many forms, and there is an SPF for everyone. Please have a look below to find all that is NEW ....

The sun is not our enemy- it contains numerous vital benefits for the skin such as vitamin D, which increases the absorption rate of calcium to the body, and increases levels of serotonin to the brain, which is the ‘happy hormone’.

While sunburn is a short-term effect, in the long term too much sun exposure will also cause premature ageing – or photo-ageing. Fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, uneven skin tone, loss of elasticity and radiance – all of these are signs of photo-ageing and can start to appear from an early age.


SPF itself or ‘Sun Protection Factor’ we know as being the main source of defence, but a product claiming it contains SPF does not necessarily make it a good product for protection. According to, the SPF can be judged as a percentage: SPF15 filters out approximately 93 percent of all incoming UVB rays; SPF30 97 percent; and SPF50 98 percent. While those percentage differences seem small, they make a big difference if you are fair or burn easily.

SPF In Make-Up Isn’t Enough

Generally speaking, no one uses enough moisturiser or foundation to get effective protection from the sun, so you should always wear a separate sunscreen under your make-up. Secondly, SPF is only a marker of protection from UVB light from the sun; UVA rays can also be damaging, and broad-spectrum sunscreens offer protection against this where as moisturisers and make-up may not.


skin care salon in Nayland and Colchester

Get Bronzing NEW from Simply Skin



Tancream ™ offers SPF50 protection using a blend of organic sunscreens, gradual self-tanning and instant bronzing.

Tancream has superior moisturising properties and an instant natural tint, so only one daily application to your skin is needed to give an even tone leaving a smooth silky texture.

The gradual self-tan will work after a few hours and build up to produce a healthy colour and daily use will maintain your tan whilst protecting your skin from damage.

The specially designed formula also inhibits the development of a ‘self-tan smell’ and is completely odour free.

The premium luxury lotion has anti-ageing properties, no odour and it doesn’t streak. A multi-award winning, 5-star premium SPF gradual tan, for your everyday skin care. Plus, its…. British made.      


PH Formula offers a natural CC cream in 3 different shades to give you a natural glow whenever you need, plus with SPF 30+, UVA and UVB filters. With a soft creamy texture, apply on top of your normal moisturiser every day for that 'No make-up, Make-up' look. Instantly minimising imperfections, whilst adding fantastic anti ageing Retinol and anti oxident Viatamin C. A perfect all year round glow.


skin care salon in Nayland and Colchester


Nimue Skin Technology is Serious about Your Skin Protection


The New SPF 50...jam packed with environmentally busting, anti-pollution, UVA, UVB IR and HEV LIGHT protective shield, it's perfect for all year round. With a mattifying effect, making it so perfect for under your make-up and for all skin types. Let the SUN SHINE.....  




Take your prescribed Simply Skin Sun Care, into the sunshine, where ever you are, and  I look forward to seeing you soon.  Remember Simply Skin Aesthetic Clinic is where....looking after you and your skin is so important. Jill x


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skin care salon in Nayland and Colchester