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skin care salon Nayland Colchester

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skin care salon Nayland Colchester

Advanced Skin Technology

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skin care salon Nayland Colchester

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Nimue Skin Technology

This unique facial range is renowned worldwide for its results in skincare for pre and post cosmetic surgery. A dual treatment system of active ingredients to deliver an immediate and on-going treatment programme, which is designed specifically to optimise your skin’s health.

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Advanced Rejuvenating Facial Course

Your Bespoke Advanced Rejuvenating Facial Course combines the excellance of Nimue. These professional peels give a gradual and progressive action on the skin with no visible flaking, allowing normal day to day activities. The proteins within the peel adhere and bond to your dull & lifeless skin cells, lifting them away and exposing a fresher, hydrated and smoother complexion.
Over the course of treatments these deep exfoliating facials will help to alleviate, control & manage:-

  • Uneven Skin Tone and Pigmentation
  • Scaring from Acne/Blemishes 
  • Extremes of Oiliness
  • Sensitivity & Flaky Skin

With your Nimue, Ph Formula and Fusion Mesotherapy product collection for home use, your skin will continue to receive the best that science can offer. Nanotechnolgy delivers superior quality proteins, vitamins and peptides to maximise the results and benefits of your Advanced Rejuvenating Facial Course.


Treatments at Simply Skin


Nimue Total Collagen Facial 

Nimue's true collagen masks are prescriptive and designed to brighten, purify, hydrate or soothe. They capture intense Marine & Botanical Elements in a unique blend to re-balance your skins every need.




Nimue Total Collagen Eye 

Collagen Eyes concentrates on increasing your collagen function & cellular protection, via the captured power of Marine Botanical DNA to rejuvenate and replenish the delicate eye area.




Nimue Experience 

This 30 minute treatment is designed to introduce you and your skin to the Nimue Skin Technology range. Including a 4% AHA peel and skin specific mask.





Nimue Relaxation
@ Fruit Acid AHA peel

This facial is suitable for any skin type. Using fruit enzymes to refine your skin and active ingredients infused with anti-oxidants to restore a healthy complexion.
This treatment leaves you feeling totally relax with a face, shoulder and scalp massage.




Nimue Rejuvenating
@ 15% AHA peel

By using Nimue's AHA active complex you will have taken the first steps in achieving a more radiant skin. This treatment involves rejuvenating your skin to the next level. Deeper than the Nimue Relaxation facial, cell production is stimulated, improving & developing a more even skin tone & luminosity.




Nimue Advanced 
@ 35% AHA peel

Nimue's Advanced facial uses scientifically proven active AHA Glycolic Acid to stimulate your skin's deeper layers. With this high percentage of active ingredients visibly enhancing and renewing your skins texture and tone. This treatment will leave your skin smoother, younger & more radiant.


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Billion Dollar Brows

For beautiful brows, choose from our range of treatments to give you that Billion Dollar look.

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* Patch test required 24hrs prior to first tint treatment


  Eyelash Tint
 Eyebrow Tint
 Eyebrow Shape
 Combine all three eye treatments


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