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skin care salon Nayland Colchester

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skin care salon Nayland Colchester

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skin care salon Nayland Colchester

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Vitamin C - Radiance £75.00

This V.I.T-C radiance treatment is uniquely designed with Vitamin C to strengthen the skins collagen and elastin network and Vitamin A to help increase cell turnover. Designed to give optimal results while minimising the downtime, this treatment is perfect for any time of year and especially effective for photo damage, hyper-pigmentation, loss of radiance, loss of firmness and uneven skin texture. 

Time - 1 hour      Anesthetic - None required      Frequency - 2-4 weeks depending on skin condition.     

Risk/side effects - very mild tingling may be experienced. Normal activity can be resumed. NOTE - Can be performed whist pregnant







New Fader range for Hyper-pigmentation 

This range is first in its class for treating and targeting pigmentation. With an award winning and patented Diglucosyl Gallic Acid, which when activated converts into a powerful pigmentation fighting active. With this complete range of products you are not only focusing on hyper-pigmentation, but also targeting other major skin complexion disorders like uneven skin colour, dark spots and blemishes, redness, rough skin and inflammation.

Fader Serum  - A concentrated, highly effective serum that brightens areas of hyper-pigmentation, promoting a more even skin colouring and complexion. This multi-functional booster also reduces redness and improves dull looking skin.

Day and Nght Fader - A light weight multi-functional day and night  moisturiser in a light base for uneven skin colouring, helping to brighten the skin and regulate pigment formation. Powerful anti-oxidants provide free radical protection.

Day and Fader Plus - A richer day and night preparation suitable for those who require a more nourishing effect whilst achieving a more even skin tone by brightening and regulating pigment with powerful anti-oxidants and their award winning actives.

Fader Pen treatment - A super concentrated fader spot treatment for localised hyper-pigmented areas that promotes an even skin colouring and assists to reduce the pigmentation in sun and age spots. Can be used on the face, neck, decollete and hands.

SPF 40/50 - Always wear, protecting you 365 days a year. 


Nimue facial recommendations  and suitability are always discussed at your skin consultation.

Nimue Interactive for Sensitive and irritated skin types

The Nimue Interactive range aims to restore the skin back to its natural balance. It may show itself as; Fragile thin skin, high in colour, Irritated and inflamed or hot / uncomfortable to the touch. This may have been due to ill health / hormonal in-balance, medication, too harsher skin treatments in the past, stress, severe environmental damage from an environmental change, pollution and, or  excess sun damage.

Cleanser Lite - A gentle 2 in 1 Cleansing gel, removing make-up and impurities, calming the skin.

Conditioner Lite - A calming and healing lotion to aid and finish your cleansing routine.

Moisture Lite -  A day and or night preparation which helps to improve the skins texture, hydrate and balance oil production

SPF40/50 - Always wear, protecting you 365 days a year. 

Nimue facial recommendations  and suitability are always discussed at your skin consultation.

Advanced Medical Beauty - 

In this category of  treatments  we include Broken Capillaries/Spider Naevi (telangiectasia), Blood Spots, Skin Tags and Milia. You will be required to attend a consultation before treatment and may be required to gain G.P. approval to treat certain conditions. The treatments are performed by 2 methods. One being Plasma cosmetic corrector pen or Advanced Electrolysis, either  thermolysis or blend technique. This will be determined at your consultation. Treatment is usually quick, easy and results are often instant.


Do these treatments  hurt?

These treatment involve applying a small amount of heat to the area and in some cases a local anesthetic cream can be applied to ease the sensation , After your treatment, the skin may be tender for a few days, and this is dependent on the size and location of the treated area. All of these conditions are found throughout the body and common in both men and women.

Skin Tag Removal

What are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are small, brown or flesh-coloured growths that may protrude from the surface of the skin and can resemble a mushroom in shape. They vary in size from just a few millimetres up to around five centimetres. .

What happens after your treatment?

There will be a small pink area where the skin tag has been removed. This will heal under a small dry scab, and won’t persist for more than 7 to 10 days. You will be left with no scarring – and, of course, there will be no sign that the Skin Tag.

Removal of Skin Tags, -   Consultation   -  £40.00

 Advanced Electrolysis procedure - 

First Treatment ----------------------- £65.00

Subsequent treatments per 15 mins - £60.00

 Plasma Cosmetic Corrector procedure - 

Skin Tag removal from------- £85.00

Pigmentation and Age Spots / Seborrhoeic Keratosis

What are Pigmentation and Age Spots / Seborrhoeic Keratosis?

These annoying lesions are associated mainly with increasing age, mature skins and sun damage. They are often darker than your natural skin tone, dry, crusty and growing up to two inches wide. They can occur any where on the face and body.

What happens after your treatment?

The treated area will feel warm after treatment, and you will also notice some redness and perhaps a little swelling. None of these effects will be long lasting, so there’s no need for concern. In the days immediately following your treatment, scabs will form over the area where the pigmentation has been removed. Simply leave these to fall away on their own. Depending on the treatment option that was performed and the area treated, the skin may need to be kept dry whilst the scabs form and subsequently fall away. This will happen over a period of up to two weeks, during which it’s important to resist any urge to pick the scabs, in order to avoid the risk of scarring. Once the scabs have gone, the treated area will retain a pinkish tone until your skin settles back to its normal colouring over the next few weeks.

IMPORTANT - To avoid getting pigmentation spots at all, reducing your exposure to the sun is key. To be on the safe side, follow the advice of the Skin Cancer Foundation and don’t leave the sunblock for your holidays – put on SPF30 every day. We can help you by providing a suitable range of SPFs, which all work effectively in protecting you from UV rays and reducing further pigmentation areas occurring. For full UV protection, it’s important to apply an SPF separately from make-up or moisturiser – we’ve found that combined products don’t tend to offer the same level of UV protection.

Removal of  Pigmentation and Age Spots/Seborrhoeic Keratosis -   Consultation   -  £40.00

 Advanced Electrolysis procedure - 

First Treatment ----------------------- £65.00

Subsequent treatments per 15 mins - £60.00

 Plasma Cosmetic Corrector procedure - 

Skin Tag removal from------- £85.00

Broken Capillaries / Spider Neavi / Blood Spots

What are Broken Capillaries / Spider Neavi / Blood Spots?

These small fine red lines and blemishes are very common and occur frequently on the face, There’s no particular factor that determines whether you will be prone to Facial thread veins  or not, but damage from exposure to the sun, environmental factors, hormone changes and genetic bad luck have all been cited as possible causes. It’s also true that they can be brought on by excessive use of harsher skincare products. and unsuitable treatments.


What happens after your treatment?

When your treatment is completed, your skin will feel a little warm and flushed looking from the heat of the treatment. Your thread Veins will have been reduced. You may see some small crusts forming on the treated area over the  next few days. They will gradually disappear on their own and the results will be greatly improved as long as the aftercare instructions are followed.

Removal of Broken Capillaries / Spider Neavi / Blood Spots-   Consultation   -  £40.00

Advanced Electrolysis procedure - 

First Treatment ----------------------- £65.00

Subsequent treatments per 15 mins - £60.00


Milia Removal

What are Milia?

Mila are an accumulation of dead skin cells trapped beneath the skin's surface which form small, hard raised spot like lesions. They do not have a pore opening and when pressure is applied, it can easily damage the skins surface and lead to other skin conditions such as broken capillaries and enlarged pores.


What happens after your treatment?

As we treat the Milia with heat, the skin will feel warm, but with minimal redness. In some cases the milia come away immediately, but in most cases due to the time they have been in the skin, it normally takes up to 10 days for you to notice they have just disappeared. 

Removal of Milia -   Consultation   -  £40.00

Advanced Electrolysis procedure - 

First Treatment ----------------------- £65.00

Subsequent treatments per 15 mins - £60.00

Treatment bar/images to inserted here. Information as below for each image.

Time; 15 - 30 mins    Local Anesthetic; May be necessary    Frequency If necessary 1 month apart  Risk/side effect; only if after care instructions not followed


Disclaimer: All treatments are based on suitability, medical questionnaire and consent. All of the results will differ on an individual basis, with likely effectiveness to be discussed during initial consultation. Permanence of results is not guaranteed as these conditions have a habit of returning as new lesions.













What is LED light therapy and how does it work

LED light therapy is a form of treatment that has been studied for over 40 years to help heal the skin. In doing so, using different coloured light the skin  benefits from rejuvenation through increased collagen and elastin production, oxygen flow and blood circulation, plus bacteria is killed and the skin becomes balanced and radiant. 

We can use the LED mask as a stand alone treatment, but we have found it to be most beneficial when combined with your facial treatment. To continue the benefit of the LED mask we recommend that it is used on a regular basis. It is especially beneficial for Acne prone skin types and performed on a weekly basis will really help to kill the bacteria that aggravates and causes Acne.


 15-30 mins

 Non required

 For everyone



1 x Week


 skin care salon in Nayland and Colchester














Nimue Skin Technology

This unique facial range is renowned worldwide for its results in skincare for pre and post cosmetic surgery. A dual treatment system of active ingredients to deliver an immediate and on-going treatment programme, which is designed specifically to optimise your skin’s health.

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Advanced Rejuvenating Facial Course

Your Bespoke Advanced Rejuvenating Facial Course combines the excellance of Nimue. These professional peels give a gradual and progressive action on the skin with no visible flaking, allowing normal day to day activities. The proteins within the peel adhere and bond to your dull & lifeless skin cells, lifting them away and exposing a fresher, hydrated and smoother complexion.
Over the course of treatments these deep exfoliating facials will help to alleviate, control & manage:-

  • Uneven Skin Tone and Pigmentation
  • Scaring from Acne/Blemishes 
  • Extremes of Oiliness
  • Sensitivity & Flaky Skin

With your Nimue, Ph Formula and Fusion Mesotherapy product collection for home use, your skin will continue to receive the best that science can offer. Nanotechnolgy delivers superior quality proteins, vitamins and peptides to maximise the results and benefits of your Advanced Rejuvenating Facial Course.


Treatments at Simply Skin


Nimue Total Collagen Facial 

Nimue's true collagen masks are prescriptive and designed to brighten, purify, hydrate or soothe. They capture intense Marine & Botanical Elements in a unique blend to re-balance your skins every need.




Nimue Total Collagen Eye 

Collagen Eyes concentrates on increasing your collagen function & cellular protection, via the captured power of Marine Botanical DNA to rejuvenate and replenish the delicate eye area.




Nimue Experience 

This 30 minute treatment is designed to introduce you and your skin to the Nimue Skin Technology range. Including a 4% AHA peel and skin specific mask.





Nimue Relaxation
@ Fruit Acid AHA peel

This facial is suitable for any skin type. Using fruit enzymes to refine your skin and active ingredients infused with anti-oxidants to restore a healthy complexion.
This treatment leaves you feeling totally relax with a face, shoulder and scalp massage.




Nimue Rejuvenating
@ 15% AHA peel

By using Nimue's AHA active complex you will have taken the first steps in achieving a more radiant skin. This treatment involves rejuvenating your skin to the next level. Deeper than the Nimue Relaxation facial, cell production is stimulated, improving & developing a more even skin tone & luminosity.




Nimue Advanced 
@ 35% AHA peel

Nimue's Advanced facial uses scientifically proven active AHA Glycolic Acid to stimulate your skin's deeper layers. With this high percentage of active ingredients visibly enhancing and renewing your skins texture and tone. This treatment will leave your skin smoother, younger & more radiant.


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Billion Dollar Brows

For beautiful brows, choose from our range of treatments to give you that Billion Dollar look.

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* Patch test required 24hrs prior to first tint treatment


  Eyelash Tint
 Eyebrow Tint
 Eyebrow Shape
 Combine all three eye treatments


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